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If you were involved in an accident, 1st Choice Injury Network is here to help you!  Your health and well-being are our biggest priority.  We have a network of highly skilled doctors and staff that specialize in helping Accident Victims on their path to recovery.

Not only do we have a highly trained network of doctors, but we can also provide recommendations for a top law firm to assist you with your legal needs.

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were you a victim of an accident?

If you were a victim of an accident, depending on the type of accident and the injuries you sustained, 1st Choice Injury Network can help! Our network of doctors specializes in treating accident victims.


Car Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Truck Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Train Accidents

Explosion Accidents

Work-Related Accidents

Boat Accidents

Construction Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents

Cruise Accidents

Plane & Airport Accidents

common injuries we treat

From car and motorcycle accidents to work-related accidents, we encourage all patients to get a complimentary consultation in order to rule out any injuries during an accident.

After initial care by a paramedic, emergency room, or an urgent care center, it is essential to seek further treatment to rule out any injuries. 

If you have a primary care physician, we advise you seek treatment from that physician.  However, if you do not have a primary care physician, 1st Choice Injury Network can help!

At 1st Choice, our network of providers specializes in Accident Treatment. 1st Choice also networks with Orthopedists, Interventional Pain Management, Neurologists, Internal Medicine, Psychiatrists, and many other specialists depending on your injuries. 

Our network of highly trained doctors can provide a full medical assessment, and design the right treatment plan for you. We specialize in the following types of Personal Injury:

  • Head Injuries
  • Neck Injuries
  • Back Injuries
  • Spine Injuries
  • Leg, Knee, and Foot Injuries
  • Arm, Hand, and Wrist Injuries
  • Pelvis and other Bodily Injuries

Do not let injuries go untreated, please call us at 281-933-3399 to request an appointment.

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What our patients are saying

“From start to finish, 1st Choice really helped me with my car accident, a driver ran a light and T-boned my car. They helped me rehab my neck and back and also recommended me to a great law firm.”

E Almeida

“Thank you, Dr. Nguyen and your staff in Pasadena, you took great care of my elderly mother after her accident. The level of care was really helpful as-well-as picking her up when I was at work, she’s much better now!”

N Jones

“I was left in pretty bad condition after my motorcycle accident late September 2020. After contacting a few clinics I came across 1st Choice. Dr. Huynh’s team treated me for over 6 months and got me walking again.”

J Herbert

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