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Many people don’t realize they’ve suffered a serious injury from an accident until days or weeks later, when the symptoms start to show.

When you’re in an car accidents and walk away without any obvious injuries such as cuts, scratches or bruises it’s easy to think that everything is okay – but this isn’t always true! Minor injuries often hide major ones which can have long-term consequences for your health. Please contact a member of the the 1st Choice Injury Network.

symptoms from an accident

If you have not yet seen a doctor after a crash, you should get medical attention as soon as possible if you notice any symptoms.

Do not ignore any symptoms, please call the 1st Choice Injury Network at 281-933-3399 to request an appointment.

Symptoms to look out for after an accident:

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Post-traumatic headaches are a common symptom of car accidents and can be one of the most disabling for someone who has experienced an auto collision. Headaches that arise hours or days after you have been in a crash may not actually be because your head was injured, but instead could stem from other factors like whiplash injuries to tension caused by seatbelt pressure on your neck.

back pain

As a result of an accident, you may experience pain in your legs and buttocks. This could be due to strained muscles or more serious issues like pinched nerves and disc herniations which will affect mobility if not addressed immediately. A back injury can greatly decrease your mobility depending on its severity so it’s important that any accidents are dealt with quickly for the sake of both short-term relief from discomfort as well as long-term prevention against further complications such as difficulty standing for prolonged periods of time.

back pain after an accident
neck pain

Neck and shoulder pain

The whiplash-associated disorder, or WAD, is one of the most common injuries from car accidents today. It’s difficult to diagnose because it looks just like a stiff neck but can be far more debilitating with long-lasting side effects such as frequent headaches and cognitive problems that may last for years after an accident where you experienced whiplashes in your neck during a collision.

numbness or tingling

Numbness and tingling can occur after your car crashes. It’s common for an accident victim to not feel any pain in the first days or weeks following impact, which makes it difficult for them to know when they should seek medical treatment. For this reason, anyone who has been involved in an accident must get professional help as soon as possible if they experience the discomfort of any kind while driving back home from the scene with no signs of injury. Unfortunately, nerve damage may take time before symptoms appear; but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be monitored closely by a doctor.

numbness after an accident
blurred vision after an accident

Blurred vision or dizziness

The most important thing to do after a car accident is noticing any dizziness, blurred vision or ringing in your ears. This could be the sign of more serious injuries and if you notice these symptoms it’s crucial that you seek out medical attention immediately so your body can heal properly. Doctors will perform an examination where they inspect head injuries closely, including looking at neck function and checking for whiplash related issues with spinal cord alignment which can interfere with nerve signals traveling from the brain down through both arms/legs.

do accident symptoms take time to appear?

Why Do Some Car Accident Symptoms Not Show Up Until Later?

After an accident, your mind is scattered and preoccupied with how to handle the situation. There are many questions you will be asking yourself including whether or not everyone involved in the crash was okay, and what it might cost financially and emotionally. You might not notice the pain of an injury at first because your body is pumping you with adrenaline. While this hormone can keep you alert, it also suppresses pain so that there’s no harm in pushing yourself to handle a dire situation while injured. It may take hours or days for the imbalance between stress hormones and other chemicals like cortisol to wear off before any serious physical injuries become apparent. Contact The 1st Choice Injury Network today.

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